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Water Management Gilroy CA

“Our positive impact on the environment now will have beneficial effects on future generations”

Water conservation is a prime concern for clients, and Alpine Landscapes is taking a leadership role in providing services to minimize and reduce the amount of water used in our landscapes.

Our management and certified professional staff have experience in state of the art equipment and methods to conserve the greatest amount of water possible, while keeping your landscape aesthetically pleasing.

From removing high-water-use plant material such as turf and ground covers or installing new centralized ET (weather smart) irrigation controllers, our staff will lead you in the right direction from beginning to end. Each property or development is different. From recommending low water use plant material and/or choosing the correct irrigation equipment, know that we will act in your best interest. During these times of drought, we have advised all clients to get their water conservation projects pre-qualified through their local water district to receive the maximum number of rebates offered.

Irrigation Management

Our certified irrigation technicians have over 20 years of experience in the field. Each property is scheduled for routine irrigation inspections, year round, spring through fall, to make sure the system is operating as efficiently as possible. All irrigation controllers are continuously managed and programmed throughout the year, given seasonal climate factors, to deliver the correct amount of water to optimize plant health, decrease waste, and reduce costs.

Water Management Certification Program