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We provide Landscape Management services for any project size from small properties to multi-acre sites.

Residential Tree Care
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Serving Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Hollister, and the South & East Bay Regions


Alpine Tree Care is the most trusted source for residential tree care in the areas of Gilroy, Hollister, Morgan Hill, South Bay, and East Bay Regions of California. Buying a home in one of these areas is a major investment in your future. This means that you need to care for the trees as well as the landscape, lawn, and exterior of the home. We provide a range of services that can support and maintain the health of every tree on your property. There are many different methods used to accomplish this goal, and our service team is qualified to create a plan for your specific situation.


Arborists are professionals trained in the specifics of caring for trees. Our professional service team can handle every aspect of tree care on your property. Ancillary services may include tree pruning, trimming, removal, planting, inspections, and maintenance. Trust the care of the trees on your property to our exceptionally skilled crew. This is an important concern for homeowners living in an area prone to disasters and extreme weather events.


Our consultation services can be critical for ensuring that you have the information available to make these kinds of decisions. Homeowners need to maintain the property in order to get all of the benefits of ownership. The landscape’s condition, design, and tree maintenance all play a role in determining the property’s value. Residential tree care provides you with an aesthetic element to the trees that provide plenty of shade and comfort. They can even contribute to generating a cooling effect on the property. The professional arborist can determine the condition of the trees and create a plan for improvement.


We offer exceptional services that optimize the condition of your trees. Each member of our service team is highly qualified and experienced in conducting all of the tasks related to residential tree care. This might include trimming the trees and shrubs, but it could also involve various aspects of lawn care, storm preparation, and even tree removal services. The dedication of our crew is really extraordinary, and we take care of each client as if your home was part of our own property.


We offer a range of services for all of our customers. Trust the accredited professionals at Alpine Landscapes to handle every aspect of your residential tree care needs. Get the best value for your money by contacting our team today for a service estimate.

Serving Gilroy, Morgan Hill, Hollister, and the South & East Bay Regions


Commercial properties require a specific type of maintenance to keep the trees on the site healthy. At Alpine Landscape, our team has the experience and knowledge needed to handle a variety of issues with trees on commercial grounds.


The appearance of the trees on the property can affect the way customers view the business. Well-kept grounds convey a message that the public is likely to sense even if they’re unaware of this effect. However, this requires careful planning for the entire year. Our company offers accessory services that include pruning, soil preparation, pest control and stump removal. Our service team is available to consult with the property manager about the details of this commercial tree care and management plan.


Commercial tree care is a specialized area of service. The presence of trees on any commercial lot can have an effect on the overall impression of the company. Customers look at the business’s location and physical condition to come up with an overall idea of how the company is performing. Neglected trees on the property can send the wrong signal to your clientele. However, poorly treated trees will also convey the wrong impression. Commercial tree care should be done only by the most qualified professionals in order to get the best results.


Our team offers a range of services, which include commercial tree care and management. Every tree has unique properties that must be taken into consideration. Our team is experienced in dealing with a variety of trees. The attributes of each tree require careful scrutiny in order to provide the best outcome. This includes pest control and pruning in some cases, for example. We can examine each tree to determine the best protocol for your commercial tree care regimen.

These commercial tree care services enable your property to remain pristine in the public eye. Potential customers might judge the commercial facility by the level of maintenance performed on the landscape, trees and surrounding structures. This leaves an overall impression on the clients, so it’s important to maintain each aspect of the commercial property according to the industry standards that apply.


Our commercial tree care team serves the interests of businesses in the Gilroy, Hollister, Morgan Hill, South Bay, and East Bay Regions of California. The community in these areas deserves exceptional service by a crew of professionals who understand the unique needs of our clients in these areas. The process of caring for the trees on any commercial property is a serious business. Entrust this job to the most qualified team with the licensing and certification to back up this claim.

Our careful planning and analysis will enable your company to get the best results possible. Take advantage of our commercial tree care, maintenance and landscaping. We look forward to adding you to our list of commercial clients. When you contact our service providers, your trees, shrubs and lawn needs are in good hands. We are adept at servicing the needs of commercial property managers, HOAs, industrial properties and other public facilities; don’t hesitate to contact our friendly service team today.

The best commercial tree care can begin when you contact Alpine Landscapes. We can ensure that you have all of the information needed to make the best decisions for your business.


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