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What is Sustainable Landscaping?

“Sustainable landscaping comprises numerous practices that address environmental issues related to the design, construction, implementation, and management of landscapes.”

How does Alpine Landscapes promote sustainable landscape practices?

  • 100% of our green waste is recycled
  • Mulch mowing
  • Selective shrub and tree pruning for a more natural appearance. This method of pruning not only eliminates use of power equipment but also makes the plants stronger versus shaping them, which simply weakens and shortens their life span
  • Recommendation of plants that are environmentally friendly – native, disease/pest resistant, and drought tolerant
  • Use of recycled mulch and organic composts
  • Regular soil testing to determine correct fertility programs
  • Water management through use of weather smart controllers
  • Integrated pest management practices – systematic method of managing pests using non-chemical pest management methods. The use of pesticides is only necessary when pest populations exceed acceptable levels
  • Water management to maximize plant health and minimize waste with the use of weather smart controllers which are programmed using soil types, plant types, root depth, and operate by receiving daily ET (enviro-transpiration) readings from weather satellites. Plants with deeper, stronger root systems require less water over time.

“In nature, it is not survival of the strongest or the smartest of the species but the species that is the most adaptable to change.”
– Charles Darwin