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What is Sustainable Landscaping?

Sustainable landscaping comprises numerous practices that address environmental issues related to the design, construction, implementation, and management of landscapes.”


Our positive impact on the environment now will have beneficial effects on future generations

Sustainable Solutions for your Landscape

Landscaping plays a significant role in the value of your commercial property. Aesthetically pleasing designs impress and attract clients and tenants, providing a return on investment. Proper landscaping also protects the property from the elements and reduces pest activity.

At Alpine Landscapes, a commercial landscaping company in Gilroy, CA, you can find sustainable landscaping solutions to enhance and protect your commercial property. Use our landscape management service to develop a customized plan that maximizes your budget. Our certified professionals use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to enrich, protect and upgrade your commercial property while minimizing cost and environmental impact.

We Create Eco-Friendly and Water Efficient Landscapes

Water conservation is important for environmental and financial reasons, especially in California. Our water conservation landscaping service allows property owners and managers to minimize water waste by taking advantage of modern conservation methods. This involves optimizing your irrigation and drainage systems and working with the native environment. Our experts go beyond the basic turf maintenance and tree trimming. We can propose upgrades and alternatives to traditional methods to build water efficient landscapes. Our technicians also provide landscape maintenance to support the optimal functioning of your outdoor space.


Cost-Effective Landscape Maintenance

Our clients invest in our commercial landscape maintenance services because they witness the benefits. Our experienced staff has extensive knowledge of landscaping techniques that do the following:

We offer landscaping solutions for businesses and commercial properties in the Silicon Valley and South Bay area. Our sustainable strategies are as easy on the budget as they are on the environment. We use advanced equipment that saves time and money. While the experts at Alpine Landscapes take care of your property, you can focus on your business.

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